VW Mk4 5/6 Speed Delrin Cable End Bushings

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Solid Delrin cable end bushings for 2002.5 - 2005 Mk4 Volkswagen vehicles with SQUARE cable ends. Please match the photos to the cabe ends on your vehicle. Will not fit rectangle cable ends. These will be found in various Volkswagen vehicles with either a 5 or a 6 speed manual transmission. Can be found in most Mk4 and some Mk5 vehicles such as 2006 GLI & GTI (6-speed). Will also fit Mk1 Audi TT.
To install these you must carefully cut out the rubber inserts from your cable ends.
The OEM cable ends themselves are not included. Just the black Delrin inserts in the first photo. Tightens up the unwanted slop from your shifter. 
Brand new and proudly made in the USA.