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VW Audi 2-Pin Female (EFI) Connector Plugs

VW Audi 2-Pin Female (EFI) Connector Plugs

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2-pin EV1 female connectors with terminals and seals. Brand new condition. 

VW P/N 037906240

Common uses:

Mk2, Mk3, Mk4, Corrado, Passat & more - Fuel Injectors

Great for doing repairs, swaps or for customizing your wiring setup. This plug is found in many VW & Audi vehicles. This is the best way to get professional results. 

A "W" style crimp tool is highly recommended to ensure a proper connection. There are 2 crimp areas on each terminal. One is for crimping to the copper wire itself (to complete the connection), and the other is to be crimped around the wire insulation (for strain relief). 
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